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Power Rangers Classics Awards

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September 23rd, 2008

andersenmom @ 04:43 pm: Nominations are open
Welcome to pr_classics first Nomination post!

First, please make sure to read the rules post; there is a lot of information there, all of it necessary for us to be able to process your nomination. It includes instructions on HOW to correctly nominate someone, so make sure you read it.

And, to the nominations. Please, keep in mind that these nominations are only for stories which begin during the MMPR, Zeo, and Turbo seasons up to Passing the Torch. It is an arbitrary assignment, more for administrative ease than anything else. Please keep your nominations to this period at this time.

Our categories are as follows:

Category listCollapse )

If you have questions, by all means, ask them. Our only request is that you put the subject line "Question" on your comment, so we can handle your comments with a little more ease. This post is for Nominating authors or works, or for asking questions. If you'd like to start a discussion, we have a perfectly good Forum for such things; please take them there.

Also, please note that we are looking for people willing to create banners, or who are willing to back us up on administrative duties in case we get completely swamped. The sign-up post is here.

Thanks so much!

ETA: This post is now closed: to nominate someone, please go here.

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September 22nd, 2008

hagar_972 @ 09:17 pm: PR Classics Rules
Below are the rules for the first round of PR Classics. The first nominations post will follow in the next 1-2 days.

For questions regarding the rules, comment at this post or to the sticky post at our forum. (germnakitty, please alert me when we have a sticky and i'll link to it here.)

The rules are divided into four sections: Vision, Policy, Scope and Administration. Vision and Policy trums the other two - as a matter of that, Policy 1 declared precisely that.

In the case of questions the answer to which is not straightforward or technical, decision will be made by the Awards Staff, consisting of (in lj username order) andersenmom, cmar_wingnut, germankitty, hagar_972 and starandrea.

Well, then. Let's get this baby in the air.

Classic, adj.
1. Belonging to the highest rank or class.
2. Serving as the established model or standard.
3. Having lasting significance or worth; enduring.

Power Rangers Classics Awards aim to showcase those stories and authors that have made a lasting impact in the fandom, or that are read years after their publication. We also honour other projects - such as fic archives and information sites - that have become fandom institutions. “Best”, usually the most common word in fanfic awards, is a word you won’t see here: a classic is a classic.

Community Policy
PR Classics Awards recognizes that fandom is essentially a community, and that these awards are essentially community recognition. Therefore, we have these two Master Rules:
1. The Staff - including Admin and the Curators - is not omniscient. The rules and categories as establish we do injustive to the PR Classics visions. Should such an injustive be pointed out and well-argued, adjustments may be made.
2.Inclusion: fiction included in these Awards may depict romantic relationships covering the potential gamut of relationship types, including interracial romance, xenosexuality, and GLBT romances. If you have any issues with sharing nominations with these stories or with the associated politics of those stories, please let us know so you can be removed from the proceedings.

1. The first round of the PR Classics Awards is restricted to stories originating in pre-Passing of the Torch PR. We are aware that this restriction does not reflect historical truth; it had been done for pure administrative ease.
2. Stories originating in later PR incarnations will be honoured in later round of the Awards.
3. The temporal cutoffs as declared below are arbitrary in nature, and had been imposed based on the assumption tha a Classic may only be judged after sufficent time had passed from its publication. As explained in Policy 1 above, exceptions and re-evaluation of the cutoffs may be considered so as to stay true to our Vision.

Administration, Nomination and Voting
A. The Staff
1. PR Classics Awards is run by two groups of people: the administrative team (Admin) and the Curators' Board. Additionally, the Awards may also have support crew such as bannerists.
2. The Admin Team handles the bureaucratic and technical aspects of the Awards.
3. The Curators' Board is in charge of ensuring that all nominees are indeed adequate. (The recognition of works and authors of potentially classical merit should be fairly common-sense.) The Curators or their works, may not be nominated for the Awards.

B. Category Listing
1. Wide Scope Classical Authors. In addition to authors nominated directly to this category, any author who’s had at least three of their stories nominated (not within a single niche) will be automatically counted towards this category.
2. Speciality Classical Authors. This category is intended for authors who are considered Classical within a niche of fandom - such as a particular 'ship - but may be relatively unknown outside of it, and for authors that have created a Trend. This is a multi-niche category. Authurs with at least three of their stories nominatd within a single niche will be automatically counted towards this category.
3. Fanon Creators: stories that have introduced an idea, concept or event that has later become fanon. This is a multi-niche category.
4. Trend Setters: stories that have popularized a sub-genre, a relationship, etc. This is a multi-niche category.
5. Keystone Stories: broad-genre classical works that do not fall into one of the above categories, or that fall into more than five niches.
6. Classical Works: classical stories of a particular sub-genre. Multi-niche category.
7. Fandom Institutions: people, websites and archives that have had a major impact on the fandom.
8. Dishonorable Mention: for those stories that have become infamous.

C. Nomination Process
1. The following information must be supplied when nominating an author: pen name(s), links to fanfic archive(s) where their work is located (directly to the relevant section), author contact information, descriptor (a 1-5 sentences description of why you are nominating this author; should include niche for the Speciality category). All nominated authors must be active five years or more.
2. The following information must be supplied when nominating a story: category, niche (if relevant), story name, link to story, rating (only if R/M or NC-17), descriptor (a 1-5 sentences description of why you are nominating this story), author pen name, author contact information. All nominated stories must have been first posted (or their first chapter posted) three years or more ago.
3. Nominations should be done by LJ comment to the latest Nominations Post or by emailing the relevant Admin member. Anonymous comments (not by registered LJ users) are allowed. The comment (or email) subject line should be “PR Classics Nomination” and the category name.
4. An Admin member will verify the story’s existence on the web and pass the suggested nomination to a Curators' Board member. The Curator will confirm the story’s/author’s status as a potential classic and will authorize Admin to inform the nominee and update the nominations lists.
5. Nominations will be open for at least three months of the first Nominations Post. The authority to prolong this period lies with the Admin Team.

D. Voting
1. Voting will begin at the posting of the first nomination list, and will be open until one month after nominations close.
2. You may vote for more than one story or author in each category. However, kindly refrain from voting for all of them.
3. Voting must be done by comment to the latest Nominations Post or by reply to the relevant post at our off-LJ message board. Subject line for a voting comment must be “PR Classics Vote”.
4. Voting comments must be identifiable: if you are not a logged-in member at your voting platform at the time of voting, kindly supply other means to authenticate your identity. Such means may include: email address, ff.net username or similar. Admin will contact you (email, ff.net PM, other) and verify your identity.
5. Kindly vote for a particular nomination only at one voting platform. Double votes will be ignored, and repeated double-voting may lead to banning and disqualifying of all your votes.
4. Nominating a story or an author counts as voting for them.
5. Votes will be compiled by Admin.

E. Ethics
1. Members of the Curators' Board, or their stories, may not be nominated. They may either nominate or vote for other authors and their works. Their vote does not count more than anybody else’s.
2. As Admin holds no editorial power, they are not subject to the same restrictions as the Curators. Particular restrictions will be practiced if neccesary.
3. Similarly, Support Staff are also no subject to the restrictions imposed on the Curators.
4. Voting is transparent as described above in D(3).
5. Self-nominations allowed; self-votes allowed.
6. Should someone knowingly make a nomination including or neglecting such information that would disqualify the nomination, this person will be warned or banned by Admin. If someone does this twice, they will be banned.
4. “Banning” for whatever reasons includes disqualifying any and all votes from the banned individual. The banned individual accounts will be blocked or removed from the LJ community and the message board. Authors who had asked to be removed from the proceedings accoring to Policy Rule 2 (Inclusion) will be considered banned.

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