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Power Rangers Classics

Power Rangers Classics Awards
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Power Ranger classical fanfic awards
Classic, adj.
1. Belonging to the highest rank or class.
2. Serving as the established model or standard.
3. Having lasting significance or worth; enduring.

Power Rangers Classics Awards aim to showcase those stories and authors that have made a lasting impact in the fandom, or that are read years after their publication. We also honour other projects - such as fic archives and information sites - that have become fandom institutions. “Best”, usually the most common word in fanfic awards, is a word you won’t see here: a classic is a classic.

The first round of the PR Classics Awards is restricted to stories originating in pre-Passing of the Torch PR. We are aware that this restriction does not reflect historical truth; it had been done for pure administrative ease. Stories originating in later PR incarnations will be honoured in later round of the Awards.

PR Classics Awards gives equal place to stories including various relationship types, including inter-species, inter-racial, GLBT, etc. If you have issues regarding this Inclusion Policy or the legitimacy of such interpretation, stories or relationships, kindly do not participate (nominate/vote) and we will remove you from the nominations lists at your request.

Rules for round one had been posted (here, and here). Nominations are now open - see the latest nominations post here.

Also, please check out our message board.

We are looking for people who may help in creating banners for the winners. Please contact hagar_972 if you're interested.

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