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Power Rangers Classics Awards

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andersenmom @ 10:37 am: Nominations post three
Welcome to pr_classics Nomination post number three!

For previous nominations, please go here and here. Voting is going on here.

First, please make sure to read the rules post; there is a lot of information there, all of it necessary for us to be able to process your nomination. It includes instructions on HOW to correctly nominate someone, so make sure you read it.

And, to the nominations. Please, keep in mind that these nominations are only for stories which begin during the MMPR, Zeo, and Turbo seasons up to Passing the Torch. It is an arbitrary assignment, more for administrative ease than anything else. Please keep your nominations to this period at this time.

Our categories are as follows:

Wide Scope Classical Authors: Know an author that has made a serious impact on the fandom in general? This is their place. Let us know who you think belongs here. In addition to authors nominated directly to this category, any author who has had at least three of their stories nominated will be automatically counted towards this category.

Speciality Classical Authors: Is there someone you go to when you want to read a specific kind of story, or about a specific person or relationship? This is for those people. Is there someone who started a trend - something everyone uses now? This is also for them. In this category - please tell us what the author is known for.

Fanon Creators: Do you know who started an idea or an event that everyone uses now? Tell us who - and tell us what they started.

Trend Setters: Do you know a story that made a relationship or an event popular? Tell us the story, and what it started.

Keystone Stories: Is there a fic that you think anyone new to the fandom should read? Tell us about it here.

Classical Works: Companion category to Speciality Classical Authors, but for a specific story you'd recommend to anyone wanting to read for a specific niche. Tell us who, and tell us what.

Fandom Institutions: Is there someone you always recommend someone read? What about a place you go to find the stories you like? Or where someone has done extensive research, to aid those writing stories? This is their category. Please keep in mind, this is for websites, etc., not people.

Dishonorable Mention: Is there a story you tell people to read to show them what not to do in this fandom? Tell us in this category. (Please check here to see if your choice has already been nominated. Thanks!)

If you have questions, by all means, ask them. Our only request is that you put the subject line "Question" on your comment, so we can handle your comments with a little more ease. This post is for Nominating authors or works, or for asking questions. If you'd like to start a discussion, we have a perfectly good Forum for such things; please take them there.

Also, please note that we are looking for people willing to create banners, or who are willing to back us up on administrative duties in case we get completely swamped. The sign-up post is here.

Note: Please indicate if the fic is adult (NC-17) or is a torture fic, for the benefit of those with those squicks.

Thanks so much!

ETA: This post is now closed: to nominate someone, please go here.

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Date:December 6th, 2008 03:16 pm (UTC)


If you are still taking nominations, I'd like to nominate Paladar's site. I'd like to also nominate the Yostie stories - not sure what category, maybe the crack/humor one?

Mele and Peregrine- attack of the yosties http://www.paladar.com/fanware/roomp.htm#71
Mele attack of the yosties 2 initiation
Dagmar Buse attack of the yosties 3 http://www.fanfiction.net/s/229558/1/Attack_Of_The_Yosties_3_Billys_Revenge
Cinders and Mouse - trial of the yostie azure elite, trial of the yostie initiates: Billy’s revenge, part two

And I'm nominating Outraged the Continuation (formerly known as PsychoBilly) by Brian Rowe and Kittie J. Verdana only because it really cracked me up...even if it was...uh...demented to say the least. (But I can't find the site).

Eileen (Psycho Tangerine)

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