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Power Rangers Classics Awards

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andersenmom @ 04:52 pm: Third Voting Post!
Welcome to the third round of voting!

First, we still need your help: We can't reach the following people, and if anyone knows any updated information they can share, we'd appreciate it:

Julia H.
Rain Fletcher
Melissa Morris

Second, please note: If there is a (waiting confirmation) notice by the name, please do not vote for that person until that has been cleared.

Third, vote please!
Nominees are as follows:

Wide Scope Classical Authors
   Dagmar Buse General Audience, Adult Audiences
   Cheryl Roberts

Speciality Classical Authors, in the niche:
Martyr Billy
   Mele, at: Fanfiction.net, Jenga's Library, The Fanfic Shoppe, Paladar's, her own site.
   Stephanie Moffett (posting as Rap)

Emo Adam

Martyr Jason
   Naomi Tilley

Tommy/Kim reunion
   Cheryl Roberts

Crack/Humor fic
   Psycho Tangerine
   Cinders and Mouse
   Mele, Peregrine, Dagmar Buse (see other nominations)
   Dethyl and Kittie J. Verdena (waiting confirmation)

   Karen Davis

   Dagmar Buse (Stories no. 2 and 11 are non-slash/PG; nos. 1, 5, 7, 9 and 10 are slash/NC-17)

   The Girl in the Red Jacket (waiting confirmation)

   Cynthia Harrell (waiting confirmation)

Fanon Creators
   Kittie J. Verdena: Named Billy's father Hank

Trend Setters:
First songfic
   Don't Speak by Amanda Ohlin (waiting confirmation)

PR Soap Opera
   Allied Evil (16 stories) by Christina Ortega (waiting confirmation)

Metaphysical look at the Rangers and the Powers
   Untitled by Derek Smith (waiting confirmation)

Crossover with an adult (as in non-kid) TV drama
   Stephanie Moffett (posting as Rap)

First Billy/Adam
   Brian Lieske (waiting confirmation)

Keystone Stories:
   The Sun Goes Down by Peregrine
   Observe the Viewing Globe by Cheryl Roberts and Willow Blessing, creators/editors
   Earthsiege by Rain Fletcher (waiting confirmation)

Classical Works
Martyr Billy
   The Wolves Within by Peregrine
   Once a Ranger by Peregrine
   Shattered Dreams by Mele
   Clone Wars Series by Stephanie Moffett (posting as Rap)
   True Lies by Stephanie Moffett (posting as Rap)
   Second Chances by cobalt_blue
   Second Chances Sequel by cobalt_blue
   But I've Opened Up My Eyes by Girl in the Red Jacket (waiting confirmation)
   I Remember by Girl in the Red Jacket (waiting confirmation)

Martyr Jason
   Kidnapped by Naomi Tilley
   Revelations and Reckonings by Naomi Tilley
   Jason's Story: Part one and two by Naomi Tilley
   Hey Baby by Girl in the Red Jacket (waiting confirmation)

darkfic/death fic
   End of the Rainbow by Jennifer Bigley

New powers
   The Gifts of the Avatars by Cynthia Harrell
   The Starlight Crystal by Cynthia Harrell

Tommy/Kim Reunion
   All I Want for Christmas by Cheryl Roberts
   Til Death by Cheryl Roberts

   Co-Ed Naked Jungle Adventure by Cheryl Roberts NC-17

   Conversations at 3 a.m. by Panache (waiting confirmation)

The first team meets
   The Bond by Stephanie Moffett (posting as Rap)
   Mall Magic by Cynthia Harrell
   Perfectly Good Reasons by Dagmar Buse

   Second Chances by cobalt_blue
   Second Chances Sequel by cobalt_blue
   Blue Yonder by Karen Davis (waiting confirmation)
   Caught on Fire by Karen Davis (waiting confirmation)
   Fairer than Death by Karen Davis (waiting confirmation)

   Hey Baby by Girl in the Red Jacket (waiting confirmation)
   In the Blink of an Eye by Dagmar Buse

Life after the Power
   Project: Aftermath by Hagar

Dimension hopping
   Second Chances by cobalt_blue
   Second Chances Sequel by cobalt_blue

Big Adventure
   Legacy by Gamine (waiting confirmation)

   Yosties! by Mele, Peregrine, Dagmar Buse
   Outraged - the Continuation by Dethyl and Kittie J. Verdena(waiting confirmation)

Fandom Institutions
   The Fanfic Shoppe maintained by Kittie J. Verdena
   Guilty Pleasures maintained by Kittie J. Verdena (note: Adult fics can be found here; you'll have to email her for permission to get in)
   Power Rangers Online maintained by PRangerX
   Jenga's Library maintained by Jeremy Ray Logsdon (waiting confirmation)
   Observe the Viewing Globe maintained by Cheryl Roberts, Willow Blessing (note: Adult fics can be found here)
   The Unofficial MMPR Faq maintained by Terri Ann Guingab
   Power Ranger Spoiler Warnings maintained by Sir Stack (waiting confirmation)
Legends: MMPR by Vespera (waiting confirmation)
   Nak's Power Rangers by unknown (waiting confirmation)

Comments are screened; any questions we get will be unscreened.

To vote, merely put the author or story you vote for in a comment, as well as (especially in the case of an anonymous comment) a way to contact you, to confirm you are a person, and to keep someone from voting more than once. Thanks so much!

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